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vr 27/11 High On House: One Year

  • Deuren 22u
  • VVK €10
  • KASSA €12 < 01u < €15

Tickets Fnac Petrol

High On House: One Year
High - One - House.
Want één jaar worden ze!
Onder een huis van een line-up verenigen ze die van ons: diepe house in Petrol & rauwe techno bij de Piaf buren.

High On House // Petrol
Ramon Tapia
Say What? Records
Di Chiara Brothers (It)
Snatch, Roush
Niels Feijen
High On House, XO Belgium
High On House, Tomorrowland
High On House, Café d'Anvers
Tomorrowland, Tomorrowworld
High On Techno // Piaf
Samir Susi
Inside, Café d'Anvers
Jaimy Smink b2b Himperson
Inside, Café d'Anvers
Vice Festival, Bar Deep
Patrice Van Delm
Take Events
Take Events
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za 14/11 Crackhouse

  • Deuren 23u
  • VVK /
  • KASSA €5

Crackhouse keeps it cracking!

Ons huis wordt omgetoverd tot een waar Crackparadijs. Een paradijs gevuld met technobeats en vrolijke vrienden!

They never crack down
CJ Bolland (R&S Records)
Hemer (Ampere)
Rauwe Rakkers (Resident-combo)
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vr 11/09 Sonder

  • Deuren 23u
  • VVK €12
  • KASSA €15

Tickets Petrol

Na een eerdere succesvolle editie bij de buren van Piaf (met oa Marco Faraone) verhuist Sonder naar Petrol.

House, techno, tech house én een straffe line up.
Kortom: een nacht vol heerlijke muziek.

Gel Abril (Isr)
Culoe De Song (RSA)
Kapibara (Nl)
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za 04/04 On-Set

  • Deuren 22u
  • KASSA €8 < 0u < €10

Full house in Petrol!

In de grote zaal een super line up van Polymeric Records artiesten. Klaar om de beste techno, acid en hard techno door de draaitafels te knallen. De boogloods steken we vol tech house, minimal, electro én fijne vibes!

Main room
Jeff Amadeus (Fr)
Polymeric / Squat / Industrial Strength
Ganez The Terrible (Fr, live)
Polymeric / Stay Up Forever / Teknic
Maxx (UK)
Polymeric / Cluster / Guild
"Bad Boy" Pete (UK)
Getafix / Routemaster / Stay Up Forever
Black.Art vs Rust (Pl)
Polymeric / Warsaw Mechanism
Hard Bart (UK)
Polymeric / Astral Tech
AcidDC vs DJ Olma
Bossmoss / Maztakrew

Kenny Raw (Nightfalls / Move Your Body)
Miauw Miauw (Cafe d'Anvers / Hypno Jazz)
Nashua (Decadance / DownTown)
Will Collins (Decadance / DownTown)
Contest Winner
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Artiesten (18)

Charlotte De Cock

Charlotte De Cock
Charlotte De Cock is a multidisciplinary artist: painter, community builder, founder of the Barefoot events and DJ based in Antwerp, Belgium.

Niels Feijen

Niels Feijen
One of Belgiums finest DJ's without doubt. Keeping in mind that he brought every event to the next level. Tech-House with a little Balearic influence.

Bollen & Fichtner

Bollen & Fichtner
They have an magnificent 2014 behind them, with a three week #1 position on Decks.de, releases on high-profile imprints like Inmotion, Aella and Serkal, the opening set at the Ushuaia Ants stage of Extrema Outdoor Belgium and playing two times at the Ketaloco stage of Tomorrowland in July.

Bollen & Fichtner also managed to reach a more than honorable 14th spot in the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards DJ Top 100 in Belgium. As brand new Café d'Anvers residents and with upcoming releases on major labels, it's clear that these guys are on the rise!

Ode Maen

Ode Maen
Based in Ghent (Belgium) he started exploring and digging into an unknown musical world. This was the beginning of his musical diary. First influenced by the nineties, techno & progressive, that almost crossed the borders of well known radio hits to more deeper, darker, minimalistic & psychedelic sounds.

Travelling from Belgium to Holland, Germany, Spain, Portugal and so on to keep getting inspired and amazed. As we speak he's working on a more organic minimal techno vibe with the main purpose of sound and movement. He'll always build up his sound with a skeleton of drums and loves to explore all the "out of this world" syntheses.

By this he also creates a sonic finesse suited in his energetic drum patterns. Allways looking for his signature sound he's already recognized by hundred of dance floor lovers.

A constant urge to deliver the highest quality in his musical spectrum to his crowd and himself makes him a passionate young man that keeps working on his sounds and lives on a professional way for this.


RENEE, also known as Amélie Lens is a very discerning Belgian. She has an obsession for telling stories through radical cones of sound. Constantly defining the parameters within resources and time, she plots to unleash well-timed, dramatic and super-tense climaxes.
She relies only on herself for the dispersion of these decisive moments, but subconsciously it spreads like a virus throughout the crowd which makes everyone an accomplice in a way.

Tom Hill

Tom Hill
Born and raised in Belgium, Tom Hill fell in love with music at a young age. In his teenage years he started out listening to and spinning records from Speedy J to Goldie. After picking up the basics of the production process, he soon developed a real passion for music creation.

Thomas forms part of the Aquila psytrance project with whom he released a full album in 2009 at Dacru Records. He didn't only gain a lot of experience in the production process, but also performed in places like Japan, Israel, Russia, Italy, France and all over Europe. Always seeking new challenges he felt the urge to move into progressive house. Not a bad choice, because his productions were soon picked up by Blue Tunes from Germany.

The track Wild Silence was released in a Jochem Peterson EP, including a smashing Neelix remix. And later on by Atmosphere Records, where he got to do more cooperations and EP releases together with Jochem Peterson. Further remixing artists include Andrea Bertolini and Antix.

Phillip Norr

Phillip Norr
Phillip Norr is an upcoming DJ from Beveren, near Antwerp. After numerous of gig's the last couple of summers in the underground scene and youth club's in and around the area up to Brussels, he has reinforced the Subsonik-crew since 2013. Bringing you straight-forward tech house-beats varying with bouncy house and in-your-face techno depending on the mood and the vibe.

Known for his unique style, outstanding technique, excellent taste in records and putting in everything he has at every event or set. Come and catch him spinning live, creating the atmosphere you need for a hot, sweaty and danceable night you'll never want to forget.

DJ Jerry May

DJ Jerry May
Jerry May plays a typical style that is liked by a big crowd. His style tends towards tech house, funky tech house mangled in with some techno that makes people recognise him instantly. It seems like May was destined to love any kind of electronic music. His first experience was in 1989 which involved listening to acid, new beat, house, techno, rave and visiting clubs all over Belgium and Holland. No wonder so many electronic noises worked their way up into his sub consciousness.

Beside his DJ career, Jerry May is also a promising producer. Started with producing in 2010 he immediately caught the attention of many big producers who supported his releases, star producers like Len Faki, D-Formation, Paco Osuna, Reset Robot and Nick Chatelain to just name a few from a long list. With his releases on labels like Detone Music (UK), Bonzai Records (B), Beatfreak Rec. (Esp), Sub Society (USA) and Code2 Records (De). Jerry May got pretty fast into airtime on the famous radio show Toolroom Knights, selected by Mark Knight. Also Roger Sanchez air timed he's track "Gods creation" on he's radio show "Release Yourself" and announced it as "coming up next.. Jerry May and I'M LOVIN' THIS TRACK God's Creation". His entourage comments "He's definitely an upcoming DJ/producer to look out for". Even today he is caught in the music, since he lays his soul into the A&R of Pron Records the Label of Jerry May & Chris Hughes, one of the new upcoming labels. Together with the crew at Pron Records he seeks the right vibes and sounds for the label.

Over the past two years Jerry May exploded over the club, festival and party scene. Noticed and pushed by Café d'Anvers club nights (Push It). Jerry had the chance to exploit his unique style & sets to the people, and oh boy, he exploited himself like a real party killer. Heads and hands go up, yelling, whooping and bouncing is not unusual while Jerry is on the decks, which he shared with the cream of the earth: Carlo Lio, Reset Robot, Ellen Allien, Technasia, Darren Emerson, Butch, Kaiserdisco, Dyed Soundorom, Marco Carola, Mark Fanciulli and many more.

May's biggest gigs include Tomorrowland, Laundry Day, Ostend Beach, Neverland and he's a more then frequent dj at party's who been held in the famous club Cafe d'Anvers. Beside that he also got invited to clubs like H20, Studio 80 (Nl), Cherry Moon, La Rocca and Wood. Recently Jerry May started to try it abroad and got a few gigs in Magiq Republiq Festival (Italy), Electronic Lounge (Germany), Club Silver (France), Club Cafe 1001 (London), Studio 80 (Amsterdam), ADE 2011 and has been invited to play at IMS Ibiza for his label. We think that the international gate for Jerry is opened and from here on, it can only go up!

Vision Machine

Vision Machine
After 5 years of mayhem touring around the world as a member of The Oddword, Ylli felt it was time for change. Hard work, energy and foremost his passion resulted in a new techno project called Vision Machine. Deep and dark electronic beats sent him straight to Belgium's vibrant tech house and techno scene.

Will Collins

Will Collins
Dj Will Collins is a Ghent based dj that likes to play a balanced mix of deep house, tech house and house.


Born in 1986 in Belgium and involved into music from young age. At the age of 14 he took his first steps onto the stage with a Dutch hip hop collective. It was all fun and games. At 16 he got involved with metal and punk music. From that point the way to a more and more alternative scene was open. From GOA TRANCE over HARDTEK, he just couldn't find his way in the scene. Untill he entered DECADANCE at age of 17. HOUSE MUSIC WOULD NEVER SOUND THE SAME AGAIN. After numerous parties over the next 4 years he started to get interested in DJ'ing and won his first DJ contest. A star was launched. Since 2010 everything changed. Nashua started producing and playing in foreign countries. His record label, Meltin Funk, was founded in 2008 and is still going strong. Almost every Belgian club picked him up.

Music style from deep house, tech house and progressive house and always spiced with the funky Nashua twist.

Miauw Miauw

Miauw Miauw
With both of their families running successful clubs, it came as no surprise that the two guys from Miauw Miauw - Jackin' Leo and Oliver G. - would end up in nightlife. Being brought up in that environment turned out to be the ideal start for their career. Whether as promotors, producers or Djs, these two friends have always managed to combine unfiltered pleasure with an eye for quality and relentless dedication.

Miauw Miauw have formed a solid team ever since they met on an illegal rave in the backyard of a mutual friend. Initially starting off as promotors of Techno parties in abandoned buildings and youth community halls, they slowly became more successful and worked their way up to ever bigger productions. Just about everyone who was anyone in Belgium played on their "Jack Your Body"-events at one time or another: from Marco Bailey to Yves De Ruyter to Filterheadz etc.

As they grew older their taste in music shifted towards a more House influenced style. This opened doors to other possibilities, eventually landing them a spot as guest promotors in what would become their homebase: Café d'Anvers.%u2028They now host two concepts there: 2ONE2 with the Floorfiller Agency, and a soon to be announced concept with Ghent's House icon Seba Lecompte. As DJ's they played in just about every Belgian club worth mentioning: Café d'Anvers, Wood, Decadance, La Rocca and more. They stood their ground next to established names like Alli Borem, Gel Abril, Anek, Gui Borrato, Ida Engberg, Butch, Sharam Jay, Ramon Tapia,...

The future doesn't exactly look like slowing down for the lads: their debut release is underway and besides their concepts in CDA they also continue to throw one off events and slowly build a name for themselves as the solid DJ duo they have become. In other words: expect them to keep providing your dose of underground Tech House for many years to come. You won't be disappointed.

Style Of Eye

Style Of Eye
In the early 1990s, working from a studio in the northern-most parts of Sweden, Linus Eklow laid the foundations for what is now known as Style Of Eye. 'Right Now!' was his first release on Derrick Carter's Classic Music Company- and it received a major response from both the dance press and tastemakers alike. It didn't take long before the house and techno community at large picked up on what Linus was doing. With subsequent Style Of Eye releases such as 'Gioco' and 'H-bomb' and 'We Got You', Linus broke through onto dancefloors all over the world. His releases being played by such well-known names as Tiefschwarz, John Dahlback, Claude VonStroke, Tiga, and Laurent Garnier amongst many others... Linus is one to look out for in 2008, a year that starts off with an E.P on Dirtybird and a mix-compilation for Om Records, which is a good opportunity to check out his own mix of house and techno. Two more E.P's to come out on Pickadoll before introducing his first artist-album, that will see its light in April 2008 on Pickadoll Records. With all this lined-up and a steadily building a reputation as a dj, he is certain to become the "important future star" that DJ Magazine predicted he would be.


Shinedoe started performing as a dancer at an early age of 15. Inspired by her African heritage and influenced by music of the early 1980s, she performed at clubs, video-clips, and bands like Quazar and Warp, to name a few. Her mission was to translate the music through her dance movement. After performing for 4 years as a dancer throughout Europe, she decided to stop and focus on other things such as buying electronic music records for personal use, and producing mix tapes for friends. Her music then was a mixture of US garage, Detroit techno and house. As a result of the mix tapes, her first gig happened at Club "Ja" in Amsterdam. She seriously started mixing music at the age of 19; she got her debut booking in 1995 at the VIP-club (Paradiso) in Amsterdam, where she rocked the place and became resident DJ. Also, she was offered a residency at Club Stalker in Harlem. Ever since 1995, she played at all the big festivals, clubs and parties in the Netherlands, from Dance Valley to Awakenings. Also promoters from abroad got interested in her DJ-sets, which resulted in bookings in various countries, such as Germany, Moscow, Spain, Italy, Sweden, China, Bosnia, Israel, Slovenia, Croatia, to name but few. Parallel, from around 1997 until 2000 she played drum 'n bass under the pseudonym "Black Magic Queen". After a while she decided to focus on tech-house and techno only. Shinedoe spins a variety of funky groove minimal techno-sets with tech-house, Chicago, acid and Detroit influences. She likes to keep her sets interesting by combining different flows. The crowd adores her because she knows how to rock the place. In 2001, she started her own night called "INMOTION" at clubs Paradiso and Amuse in Amsterdam, where she has been inviting quality (inter)national DJs to perform. 2004 saw her most important evolution. Her debut release 'Dillema' on 100% Pure was immediately a classic. "Dillema" was the 2004 summer anthem of the Cocoon club - Ibiza, loved by the likes of Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Sven Väth, Luciano ... Her productions are played and supported around the globe. She also runs her own label "Intacto Records", collaboration with 100% Pure owner Dylan Hermelijn. This label has been launched in September 2004.


Samim is also known as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Born into a Swiss-Iranian family, he was exposed to a wide range of musical influences throughout his life. Soon after discovering his passion for electronic music through hip hop and industrial music, he started to develop and enhance his renowned Syncopated Patterns and Hypnotic Rhythms. Early on Samim joined forces with Michal Ho, producing a wide range of music under the "Samim & Michal" brand. After their first EP "Dini Muater" appeared on the Zürich based label "Stattmusik" the duo was poised for success. They went on to release three successful EPs (F / Angel / Ripop) on Jay Haze's TuningSpork and Textone Imprint, developing their trademark sound even further. In 2004, due to a serious cancer illness Samim was forced to take a break just to reappear shortly after, more determent then ever and ready to take the next step in his career. In late 2005 he relocated from Zürich to Berlin, opening up a whole new range of musical opportunities. Samim immediately tapped into the Berlin scene, initiating his most productive time so far. He released a series of very successful 12", including collaborations with Jay Haze, Michal Ho, Argenis Brito and signor andreonion labels like TuningSpork, Wasnotwas and Freizeitglauben and due to popular demand got remix assignments from labels like Get Physical, Highgrade and Little Big. At the same time he focused more on the Album format, producing two full length releases together with long time musical collaborator Jay Haze under the brands Bearback (Album: Under The Influence / label: T.B.A.) and Fuckpony (Album: Children Of Love / label: Get Physical). His live operations have brought him to numerous clubs and venues all over the world, making him one of the most comprehensive entertainers currently available.


The man behind Deetron is Sam Geiser (1978) born and still living in Bern. He first got into contact with music during his early childhood, for his father is a Jazz musician. His big youth passion, however, was HipHop. He was fascinated by the likes of Gang Starr, A Tribe Called Quest, Prince Paul but also by Todd Terry's early HipHouse tunes or Detroit techno originators Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson. After having bought two turntables and a mixer, he began deejayin' Hip Hop in 1992. The deejay culture of the Hip Hop movement was his link to electronic music. He started deejaying at different clubs all around Switzerland and became resident at the world famous Club Trax @ Rohstofflager in Zürich and got well known for his 3-deck mixing skills and sets blurring the lines between Techno, House- and Detroit-classics. He made his first sound experiments with a sampler in 1994 and from then on continuously built up his own studio because of his avid interest in electronic sounds. An introduction to Stefan Riesen from Phont Music in 1997 led to his first release as Soul Mate on Phont Music. He then travelled to Japan for deejaying in 1999 and recorded the ?Double Exposure Vol. 1? EP with DJ Shufflemaster in Tokyo, again for Phont Music. In the year 2000 he was contacted for an EP by In-tec records where he released the very successful Alien Entertainment EP? which was hammered by the likes of Jay Denham, Claude Young, Jeff Mills and Laurent Garnier and attracted attention from press and listeners worldwide. In 2001 'Dolls for a diva' was released on the highly acclaimed Music Man label in January, the start of a strong relationship with this label from Belgium. New EP?s followed on Dave Angel's Rotation (Vertigo EP), Jay Denham?s Black Nation/Sector 616 (Dancing manual EP), Steve Bicknell's Cosmic (as Karakter), Ongaku (Lorraine EP) and Phont Music (Cut Back EP). Sam remixed Samuel L. Session, Ben Sims, Damon Wild, Steve Bicknell (as Karakter), K-Alexy Shelby, Orlando Voorn, Paul Mac and others. His energetic DJ- sets reached clubs in Holland, Belgium, England, Germany, Austria and a promotional DJ-tour in Australia took place in July 2001. After the Outerworld EP on Music Man and several remixes in early 2002 the highly acclaimed debut Mix-Compilation by Deetron has been released in June by Music Man, which gained a lot of praise from press worldwide and gave his worldwide DJ-Schedule a boost by making it as hectic as never before. He travelled to Spain, Croatia, France, Belgium, Holland, Australia, Singapore, Japan, China, Czech Republic, Poland, Macedonia and more places all around the globe. The anticipated cooperation with Samuel L. Session released in July on SLS, remixes for Ben Sims, Damon Wild and Gary Martin amongst others highlighted his production work. Deetron will start the new year with a brand new single coming out on Music Man in February, including the tracks 'Body Language' and 'Uncutfunk'. Furthermore he is preparing his Debut Album for Music Man to be released in 2003 and remixes for Vince Watson and Mark Broom.



Founder and resident DJ of Dirty Dishes, a party concept in Ghent.

Plays deep stirring sets in different styles; minimal, progressive and tech-house still with vinyl records.

Played this summer as a young talent at 10 days off with artists like Nathan Fake, Ben Clock, Joris Voorn and Miss Kittin and the Hacker.

In his new project 'The Reversed Criminals' he works together with his companion Tommy McKinley producing minimal/techno/progressive records. As a result of this he won the producers contest in the category minimal/techno organised by Studio Brussel and Poppunt with the record 'Hardcore action at eight o'clock'.

Dave Copp and Tommy McKinley just finished the remix 'Ashk' from Minimalistix which will be released on the label Mostiko in december 2009.

The Reversed Criminals are still searching for a label to release their minimal/techno projects.

Dada Life

Dada Life
Dada Life is a Swedish house/electronica band, consisting of Olle Corneer and Stephan Engblom. Their debut album is out now, they have had releases on a heap of different labels.