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za 24/04 Shameboy, Danger, Fenech-Soler

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Shameboy, Danger, Fenech-Soler
Mochten de Stubru programma's Mekka en Republica nog bestaan, Fenech-Soler zou niet weg te branden zijn uit hun playlist. Catchy en dansbare synth- en electropop die meer dan zwaar genoeg weegt om het makkelijk langer dan enkele luisterbeurten uit te houden. Singles Lies en Cult of Romance hebben de weg naar het publiek al gevonden via het internet en leadzanger Ben deed de vocals op de Paper Romance track van Groove Armada. De groep speelde samen met Erol Alkan, A Trak, Crookers en Chew Lips en rijft de remixopdrachten vlotter binnen dan Slangen overheidsopdrachten.
Hou Fenech-Soler in de gaten!

Shameboy kwam in maart met de nieuwe single Blastermind op de proppen. De voorloper van hun derde studio-album, dat 808 State of Mind heet. Shameboy heeft na twee albums in alle grote zalen, clubs en festivals van de Benelux gespeeld en zorgde voor Bijdrages Aan De Dansgeschiedenis met Rechoque, Strobot en Heartcore.

Fransoos Danger is een nieuwe leerling uit de Franse rave- en electroschool die er grafisch design als keuzevak bijnam. Hij remixte voor zowel Kanye West als Empire of the Sun, en ook voor Sébastien Tellier, Lil John en One Republic. Denk aan Franse 8bit (huit bite ;-) ) en cartoons.
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Dashiki Johnson

Dashiki Johnson
Dashiki Johnson is a live electroband originated in Belgium. They live to create modern 80's danceable sounds.

They describe themselfses as "nuw electro" with more attention to the instruments than some other bands, and "electro, influenced by the 80's, as well as the 90's French touch."

Winner of the special Subs support act competition.

The Knife

The Knife
The Knife is an electronic duo from Sweden formed in 1999. The band consists of siblings Karin Dreijer Andersson (formerly of Honey is Cool, now Fever Ray) and Olof Dreijer - who also run their own record company, Rabid Records. One of the group's distinguishing characteristics is their unwillingness to cooperate with the media or the mainstream music scene. The group rarely makes public appearances, most of their promotional photos feature the members wearing masks, and until recently, they outright refused to perform live concerts. Recently the group has showed themselves in public wearing masks formed as bird's beaks, similar to those used by medieval doctors. The Knife won a Swedish Grammy award for best pop group of the year 2003, but they boycotted the ceremony by sending two representatives of another artist group dressed as gorillas with the number 50 written on their costumes, apparently as a protest against male dominance within the music industry. Their album Deep Cuts was also nominated for a Swedish Grammy as the best record of the year 2003, although that award went to The Cardigans. It was also in 2003 that the The Knife was featured as Artist of the Week at HitQuarters, which helped them gain greater attention in the worldwide music community. The group became prominent in late 2005 when José González covered "Heartbeats" on his 2003 album, Veneer. The song was used by Sony in a commercial for Bravia television sets, and released as a single in early 2006. The group commented on this in a Dagens Nyheter article, claiming that Sony paid a large sum of money to use the song. In view of the group's left-wing views and non-commercial philosophy, they excused this transaction on the basis that the money was needed to establish their record company. The Knife's song "We Share Our Mothers' Health" from their album Silent Shout was featured by the iTunes store as a free song of the week in late 2006. This song was also featured in the ABC series Ugly Betty, as well as an episode of CSI: NY. In February 2005, the Knife performed their first ever live show at London's ICA, appearing with Rex the Dog and playing in front of a video created for the event by artist/film maker Andreas Nilsson. With this one live performance The Knife embarked on a major tour in 2006, and after selling out shows worldwide, a DVD of the tour was announced. The DVD was released in Sweden on November 8, 2006, and is titled Silent Shout: An Audio Visual Experience. Silent Shout was named the best album of 2006 by Pitchfork Media. At the Swedish Grammy awards in January 2007, The Knife won in all six categories they were nominated in: Composer of the Year, Music DVD of the Year, Producer of the Year, Pop Group of the Year, Album of the Year and Artist of the Year. Again, they did not attend the award ceremony. On November 28th, the Knife announced via their website that they had been approached to write for an opera, "Tomorrow, in a Year", celebrating 150 years since Darwin's Origin of Species was published. Premiering in September 2009, this may preclude the Knife from returning with an album in 2009 after their self-imposed 3 year hiatus. Karin and Olof have not been idle - Olof remixed "Me, I'm Not" for Nine Inch Nails's Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D in 2007 and Karin appeared on Slow by dEUS in 2008. Their official homepage can be found at http://www.theknife.net.


KAPELLMEISTERS SCHALLPLATTENPARADE [B]Duivel-doet-al uit de Gentse muziekscene. Was reeds achter de decks te vinden op noisefeesten zoals Politics Of Noise in Brussel, het ClingFilm Festival in Gent, het (K-RAA-K)³ festival en Zentral club in Berlijn. Runt ook zijn eigen, door collectors zeer gegeerde platenlabel, Kapellmeister Grammofon. Laat zich niet in 1 hoekje duwen en brengt het beste op vlak van Neue Deutsche Welle elektronica, elektro, schlager, synthpop en gay country & western.

Le Matos

Le Matos
LE MATOS is a Canadian trio from Montreal. Their music is a powerful dancemachine, mix of pop melodies and melancholic new wave, inspired by movie soundtrack composers such as Vangelis or Carpenter and electronic artists like Kraftwerk, Daft Punk or Giorgio Moroder. Their live sets are always a strong experience for the audience. They play real live electronic music, using lots of different machines as mythic Moog or DX7 synthesizers. They have shared the stage with Boys Noize, Shadow Dancer, DIM, Adam Freeland, Evil 9....
They also remixed Coeur De Pirate (released on Barclay in France), Delphic (Kitsuné), We Have Band and many more...

Coming from all 3 corners of Quebec, Jean-Nicolas, Jean-Phillipe and Maxime have quickly established themselves as the new ambassadors of local electro. In just over a year they have gone from completely unknown to playing in front of thousands of people, whether it was at Igloofest or more recently at the I Love NEON 10 year anniversary.

- Le Matos is slang for "The Equipment" in french.
- All members of the group emanate from the hardcore scene and could be described as straight edge (no alcohol, no drugs).
- Their first and only official release is 88mph on Saboteur Records.

Fenech Soler

Fenech Soler
Fenech-Soler is a band from Kings Cliffe, United Kingdom, playing electronic music. The band consists of Ross Duffy, Ben Duffy, Daniel Soler & Andrew Lindsay. Apart from recording their own tunes, they are known for their remixing work, most notably and recently the song 'Hollywood' by Marina & the Diamonds. They have been gaining much attention on both sides of the Atlantic, not to mention a lot of critics' appraisal. To date, they have released two singles: The Cult Of Romance and Lies, both available on iTunes. Recently, the band's vocalist Ben Duffy was featured on the track Paper Romance by Groove Armada taken from their latest album Black Light.

Au Revoir Simone

Au Revoir Simone
Au Revoir Simone is an indie pop band from Brooklyn, New York that formed in late 2003. The group consists of Erika Forster (vocals/keyboard), Annie Hart (vocals/keyboard), and Heather D'Angelo (vocals/drum machine/keyboard).


Fischerspooner is an art pop performance project created and helmed by Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner that makes music, dance, fashion, film and photography. Their work fuses fine art and pop culture, as in their renowned outsider pop shows bursting with stage effects presented in both art galleries and traditional concert halls. Their full-length albums of music include 1, a punked-up digital party record trussed with conceptual lyrics; and Odyssey, a rich emotional fantasia with a deep, expansive sound. Fischerspooner's third album Entertainment, a sophisticated pop epic bubbling with hooks, releases in May, 2009.

Fischer and Spooner met at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where they collaborated on performance art pieces. Years later in New York, Warren was starting his career as a commercial director and Casey was ready to move .. a nine-year tenure with the experimental theatre company Doorika; both were looking for a new creative outlet. Eager to rekindle their collaboration, they attempted a TV pilot but became more interested in the digital soundtrack Warren had composed for the show.

Between 1998 and 2000 the duo wrote a spate of cool electronic tracks to accompany an ambitious new performance idea. The music was perfectly pitched for the turn of the millennium: a pure digital statement equally informed by Spooner's love of pop confection as by Fischer's classical training and background in the seminal math-rock band Table. The show, a smash-up of pop extravagance undercut by experimental theatrics, was carried off with aplomb by Spooner, the flamboyant trickster front man, and driven home with Fischer's pulsating, addictive beats. With the help of an ever-expanding network of dancers, singers, designers, and artists, the performances grew into large-scale arena-style pop spectacles staged in galleries and nightclubs.

After an unlikely debut at the Starbucks on Astor Place, subsequent shows jumped between clubs like Limelight and Baktun and art world venues like Jack Tilton Gallery, P.S.1's Warm-Up series and a staging within Rikrit Tiravanija's Apartment 21 installation at Gavin Brown's enterprise. Fischerspooner unveiled their first solo show at Gavin Brown in March, 2000 with a series of marathon performances, five sets per night for five nights, that cemented their reputation as a pioneering, uneasily categorized creative force. In 2001 they followed up with a supersized version of the show in Los Angeles, and returned to rock New York in 2002 with a kaleidoscopic spectacular at current gallery Deitch Projects, concurrent with the premiere of their short film Sweetness.


Sheridan edits your disco dancing!

Making his hand-picked musical bouquet from all kinds of disco, pop edits, mean analogue house and horny oldies, Sheridan has been playing with the consiglieri of the Belgian Disco Mafia over the last 4 years: Aeroplane, Moonlight Matters, Villa, Mickey, Mustang, Guy-Ohm, King DJ, Guy-Ohm, ...
Deejaying for more than 10 years now and having played on various occasions and for quite some heterogeneous crowds, he's always been into different genres. So it shows, so it sounds.

Being the co-host and resident of the Ghent based Durch Die Nacht concept and the Discoteca nights in Disco Diamond City Antwerp (Petrol Club), he got to deejay on nights with established and hot new international artists like Bottin, Stevie Kotey, Fenech-Soler, Loud-E, My Cousin Roy and Skye (Morcheeba).

Sheridan was invited to play at the acclaimed Avenue L nights in Ghent (with Villa and Mylo) and has played in the re-opened Club 69 in Ghent. On the opening night of the F/S/A/R pop-up concept in Antwerp, it was Sheridan playing his music.

In 2011, he continued playing with all the new hotness in new disco clubland and topped his year with a spot on the amazing line-up of the 10 Days Off festival. Sheridan played as very last dj on the closing night of the festival's 17th edition, a night featuring Moodymann and Floating Points.

Sheridans edits your disco dancing. Think grooves with emotional melodies, a disco and a housebeat, songs for the dancefloor, chanted chorusses and itchy kitschy edits. Dancing & crying, digital and analogue.

Also, check his blog!