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vr 19/12 Tik Tak Tekno

  • Deuren 23u
  • VVK /
  • KASSA €6

Tik Tak Tekno
Tik tak tik tak BOEM!

Knallen op het beste uit de acid, tekno, tribe, early hardcore en rave.

Hesed (Ger, live)
Stije vs Brz (Nl, live)
Tankorr (live)
EmeL (Nl)
Dr. Graftak (Nl)
Bangbass (It)
Maniak-47 vs Lenny (live)
Acidon vs Invazed (live)
Mille (live)

by n2o productions
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za 25/01 Deathrave: Two Years Existence

  • Deuren 22u
  • VVK €10
  • KASSA €12

Deathrave: Two Years Existence
Deathrave Records Presents
Mainstream x Industrial Hardcore x Crossbreed

A night full of hardcore and crossbreed

Lowroller (It)
The Hard Way (Nl, live): Limewax (Nl) & Thrasher (Nl) & Bong-Ra (Nl)
Tripped vs [KRTM]
Khaoz Engine
Devious Sin vs DJ Ghandy
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vr 04/10 Tik Tak Teuf: winter is coming

  • Deuren 22u
  • VVK €10
  • KASSA €15

Tickets Petrol

Tik Tak Teuf: winter is coming
Tik Tak Teuf
Winter Is Coming!
2 Rooms Of Madness

AREA 1: hardtek - tribecore
frenchcore - hardcore

Dr Peacock (Nl)
Maissouille (Fr)
Dr Looney (Cz)
Industrial Frequency (live)
Beanz (live)

AREA 2: acid - tekno - acidcore - doomcore
Ben 9mm (UK, acid vinyl set)
Collission (Nl)
Sifres (Nl)
Ivarios (live)
Samoth (live analog set)
Mille (live)
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vr 15/03 Tik Tak Teuf

  • Deuren 23u
  • VVK €10
  • KASSA €15

Tickets Petrol

Tik Tak Teuf
Foorcore presents:
'Tik Tak Teuf 2 rooms of madness'

(Hardtek, Tribecore, Frenchcore, Hardcore)


(Acid, Tekno, Acidcore, Doomcore)

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vr 23/03 Foorcore invites Le Diable Au Corps

  • Deuren 22u
  • VVK €10
  • KASSA €13

Foorcore invites Le Diable Au Corps
Le Diable Au Corps has been one of the biggest labels in the underground hardcore/hardtek scene for 10 years now.
To celebrate this anniversary they visit Europe with a LDAC 10 Years Tour in cooperation with Electrobooking!
N2O PRODUCTIONS has the honor to host their one and only passage in Belgium from their Europe Tour.
We present two areas filled with more then 10 different acts. Prepare for Belgium's finest talents & international heroes!

In samenwerking met n2o productions en FoorCore

Voorverkoop via facebook en paylogic, bij Free Record Shop en bij Primera (Nl)
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vr 18/11 Mad Selection

  • Deuren 22u
  • VVK €14
  • KASSA €17

Tickets Fnac Petrol

Mad Selection
Een Mad Selection van d&b, dubstep en core artiesten op deze nokkevol geprogrammeerde avond.

Een Brits overwicht uit de UK in de Main Room, waar je een directe dubstep-linkse in het gezicht krijgt en enkele drum'n'bass uppercuts dient zien te incasseren. Who will be knocked out? Who will be standing?

Doldwaze taferelen met het in-groep-plaatjes-draaien-voor-gevorderden: de UK boys gaan met drie en soms vier tegelijk back2back2back2back aan de slag.

In de Horny Room luidt de bel voor de volgende ronde: daar dagen industrial, goa en hardcore je uit met een internationale mix van acts die je met donkere beats, breaks en bass om de oren slaan.

4 genres, 30 artists and ... you!
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vr 04/03 Abused MuSick: Venetian Snares, Mr Kill, ...

  • Deuren 22u
  • VVK €11
  • KASSA vvk bij Free Record Shop & Fnac

Tickets Fnac

Abused MuSick: Venetian Snares, Mr Kill, Dylan, Tymon, Bryan Fury, MKL, ...
Abused MuSick - trash!
hardcore drum'n'bass, industrial, dubstep, ...

Venetian Snares (Can): al tien jaar geluidsterrorist. Godfather en tongue-in-cheek provocateur van de breakcore, met wereldwijd een schare hardcore fans. Dubstepper avant la lettre. Een hoop aliassen en schuilnamen (is dat niet hetzelfde?) en toch gewoon Funk als familienaam. Alsof er op Rihanna's pas 'Von Beethoven' zou staan!
Zijn jongste plaat 'My So Called Life' verscheen vorig jaar op Planet Mu/Funk: stepping back from the brink of brutalized acid back towards the go-for-broke breakcore he made his name on. Klinkt als: playing jungle at a French speedcore party.
No posers, no cameraphones!

Plus plus plus:
Mr. Kill aka rotator (Fr, Peace Off), Dylan (USA, Freak, Outbreak), Tymon (Au, Industrial Strength), Bryan Fury (UK, Pacemaker, Deathchant), MKL (Fr, Peace off), Igneon System (Be, Rebelscum, Agnost1k, MuSick) en Mr Orange (Be, Abused Recordings).

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Artiesten (20)

Dr Graftak

Dr Graftak
Straight from the underground, Dr Graftak is a hardcore, acidcore and Mentaltekno producer/dj from Nijmege, Netherlands. Check him out on Kubizm records.

Dr Mathlovsky

Dr Mathlovsky
Dr Mathlovsky's productions are a fine crossover of hardcore and hard drum n bass sounds. Maintaining a heavy groove while gabbakicks are enforced with dnb beats, not shy of the necessary distortion or experimentation.

His dj sets are filled with his own hc dnb crossover tracks along with some personal favorites. Going from industrial hardcore to darkstep to gabber to experimental tracks, the styles go all over the place while maintaining a heavy stomping flow. 180 bpm smashers is what you can expect.


Crossbread and breakcore dj who's worked with DeathChant Records, Murder Channel, NOISJ.nl records, Peace Off, Abused Recordingz, Dark Productions INC., Corebass Society records, MachineCore Records, B2K Records, Spectrumglass Records.

The Teknoist

The Teknoist
Miike Teknoist has been part of the underground hardcore scene since his early teens as a fresh faced boy from "The Bay". He sharpened his teeth and started to gain his fearsome reputation as a DJ playing nights such as North, Rebellion, and Oblivion. His early production skills took much influence from legendary Hardcore artists such as Hellfish, Dolphin, and The DJ Producer. His production quickly took on a distinctive sound of his own, fusing influences from throughout the musical spectrum, which coagulated into a unique Core based audio nail bomb!

Much of his early work, which included releases on labels such as Deathchant and Planet Mu, were written on a beat up lap top and sennheiser headphones; proving that hardware and tons of studio equipment is no replacement for pure passion and talent. The creativity, attention to detail, and substance that backed up these early releases is still very apparent in his recent tracks. His sound is one of soft synths pared with severe sample manipulation. Musical Fury mixed with technical patience.

Ninja Columbo was formed by The Teknoist in 2005 as a platform to release Core, which would not only destroy the dance floor, but display a wide appreciation for music beyond the aforementioned dance floor boogie. With tracks from partners in crime Dolphin and Scheme Boy, alongside The Teknoist's solo productions, the label went from strength to strength delivering music many saw as groundbreaking within the confines of hardcore techno. Ninja Columbo recently spawned the deformed offspring label, Samurai Brylcream, which carried on the Ninja legacy, but added some new names to the ranks. Ninja Columbo, after a year hiatus, is back with its first 2 EPs primed and ready to rock.

The Teknoist's reputation as a performer, using both Ableton and up to 4 turntables, almost surpasses his recorded output, and has seen him tour the world extensively from Manchster to Tokyo, Moscow, across Europe and pretty much everywhere in between.


Satan is hardcore producer from Russia, with an exclusively hard and rough sound, he started his musical experiments in 2006.

Starting off from darkstep drumn and bass, he decided to desintegrate and put his own vision into electronic music! Spitting breakcore, metal, darkstep and speedcore out as bullets, his music will fire upon you like a machine gun. He's ready to light the floor on fire!

Ranging from earth to hell, the most furious breakcore shall strike upon thee.


Hellfish, real name Julian Cobb, is an electronic music producer and hardcore DJ from Essex. His compositions are similar to industrial hardcore and breakcore.

Owner of Deathchant records and beat master extraordinaire, Hellfish has produced some of the most amazing futuristic dance music of the last few years. It's easy enough to make abstract bollocks but the dancefloor requires a little more production nous & understanding of the dancefloor. Combining this with abstract bollox (which he surely does) is a most difficult trick. He cut his production teeth back in the day with releases on Moving Shadow, Dance Bass and his own Bogwoppa records. (Let's forget about the happy hardcore years) which brings us up to 1996, when he launched Deathchant & pioneered the hardcore techno vs hip-hop sound in a way few can match, even now.


Bregt Pompen alias Maniak-47 produces hardcorde since 2008


A Rotterdam based acidcore dj and producer


Dimitri, alias Talasemik, goes on 27 years old ! Rocked very young by his older brother who already listened the hardcore, he grew at the rate of the bass, it is doubtless, seen pancakes which he lays us today!

At the age of 14, he(it) already learns on acid with an imagination which makes him take out techno sounds / hardcore.

At the age of 16, he uses "Fruity Loops", it is the debuts of the insomnias, at nights crossed on his PC bring him towards the hardcore-hardtek, but which aims more towards the hardcore! And then it is teufs! The introduction in the environment of sounds, the musical revelation, he wants to make his own prod !

Today he creates his melodies and tells beautiful stories in rhythmic impressive with a particular sound! He signed in 2007 on Astrofonik and FreestyleListen Prod ,goes out on Wanaigaine, Architek and others one who are already in your vinyl bag.


Sergi Freixes Tomás aka Freeson is een hardtek dj en producer.


A multifaceted artist. Dj and founder member, in partnership with Al Core, of the mythic MICROPOINT duo since 1992, he ought to be considered as a major contributor to the creation of the Electronic scene in France. During the last decade of the 20th century, Micropoint has set the standards of french Hardcore Techno: "Frenchcore". Since then, they have been releasing numerous EPs which were met with tremendous success within the scene.

In 1995, while still working with Al Core for Micropoint, Radium began to produce numerous solo albums under the stage name which is now so famous within the Hardcore scene. He contributed in 1996 to the creation of the labels Dead End and Psychik Genocide in order to produce and promote the music he loved : Hardcore.(to him, the style of music that most permits experimentation). 1998 marks the release of Micropoint's first LP: "Neurophonie", a never-before-seen in France. The popularity of this revolutionary style began to catch on quick and Micropoint shooted to fame bringing Frenchcore into a wider circuit. The same year, the duo was invited to appear to a public of over 100,000 people for a live session at the first Techno Parade in France.

Micropoint's 2nd LP, "Anesthesie International" (2000), meant the beginning of an important evolution in the electro scene : Hardcore Techno was beginning to mix with other similiar musical styles. The album was well received and brought the duo wide recognition on the international Electronic music scene. This same year, Radium released his first solo Mix CD entitled "Inhuman": a mix which is both clever and varied. This release put Radium on the map as one of the leading DJs in Frenchcore. At that time, he became co-manager of the label Audiogenic, which quickly rose to both national and international success thanks to the quality of their productions.

In 2001, Radium released his first solo LP, "Paranoia Performance", which was met with great acclaim for both the quality of the production and the originality of his work. For that matter, many tracks of this album have been remixed by notables artists such as Tieum, The Speed Freak, Marc Acardipane, and Hellfish. The overall success of his records led him to perform live shows both with Micropoint and as a solo Dj under the name of Radium. His shows, in which he often added a live drummer or MC, were packed all over France.

He returned in 2003 with a 2nd album called "inExtremist" which lived up to its name and pushed back our definition of Frenchcore to the extremes. He continued over and over again with his solo live performances which ravished those who were nostalgic for his lives together with Micropoint. The release of the Mix CD "Darkcore 7"(2004) - in which he used noise and industrial sounds to create totally dancefllor tracks - under the Dutch label Master of Hardcore, demonstrated once more the capacities of this artist.

2006: Radium delivered his 3rd solo LP, "Terminal Trauma", where he generally slowed down his usual rythm, producing more mid-tempo tracks. This release featured two additional DJs for the vocals : Lenny Dee, a living myth on the international Electro scene, (on "Free Party Animal"), and the up-and-coming Daisy (on "Trust or Die"). From this year on, Radium has performed live for some of the biggest events and festivals in France (Boréalis, Astropolis, Electromind, Nordik Impakt..) and has made appearances regularly on the international circuit in countries such as England, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Republic Czech, Belgium, Holland, Canada, and the USA.

After a long separation, Micropoint made a comeback in 2008 with their long-awaited album: "Overdose United". This album, caracterised by its sharp, energetic style and futuristic approach, was extremely well received and became a reference in Frenchcore music. Besides, it included some collaborations with Lenny Dee, The Horrorist and Punish Yourself. The title of the track "Hardcore No More" shall not be taken seriously: Al Core et Radium have not finished with us yet and they will continue playing with our minds and bodies until we can't take no more... No risk of overdose in sight yet!

In 2009, Radium has returned with his new solo album ( on CDs and vinyls) : "MasterPiss" (Audiogenic), which will delight his most loyal fans as well as his new recruits. The title , "MasterPiss" is not by accident. It's a politically incorrect pun letting us know that despite the ever-growing competition, the Master still remains at the wheel driving of this great ship that we know as French Hardcore.

Trauma Exposure

Trauma Exposure
What about the band? All members were already active in other bands but the flame went out for a short period. As expected they couldn't be sitting they're asses at home without any musical interference. When passion exploded again they decided to form a new and refreshing band. In other words ...
Trauma Exposure was born!

They have melodic riffs that'll wander in your mind until the sun goes down ... When you're sick off that catchy tune in your head, it get's beaten away by a twisted breakdown. Mix this with a voice that'll turn strawberry-jam into cement and you know what Trauma Exposure is all about


Since the age of 16 Osmik has been passionate about music, reating with friends his own remixes with a turntable and a cassette recorder. Discovering the free party scene in 1995, he found in this movement a new musical inspiration and one year later began to mix records in earnest. Organizing his own parties by 1997, Osmik would go on to play at various teknivals and parties with the MSP Soundsystem.

With a desire to create his own music Osmik patiently began producing in 2000, releasing in 2004 his debut for Protoprod Records. The move would effectively open the floodgates and lead to a over twenty releases by 2007, including singles for renowned labels such as Le Diable Au Corps, Humungus Records and ES Productions.

Developing a love for live performance on top of his rugged, dynamic hardfloor DJ style, Osmik has been igniting dancefloors in France and abroad ever since. He played in a lot of famous parties like 'Electromind' 2007 and 2008 (Montpellier), 'Karnage'(Toulouse), 'Montagood'(Spain), X-Massacre (Czech Republic) and a lot of clubs in Spain, Italy, Austria and He played in a lot of famous parties like 'Electromind' 2007 and 2008 (Montpellier), 'Karnage'(Toulouse), 'Montagood'(Spain), X-Massacre (Czech Republic) and a lot of club in Spain, Italy, Austria and Belgium.

Khaoz Engine

Khaoz Engine
Khaoz Engine knew at a very young age, must 've been somewhere around his 12th, that his passion was with rough, electronic music.

He started partying at a young age too, and swiftly Khaoz Engine found his true love; breakcore, dnb & hardcore.

3 years later he knew he wanted to be a bigger part of this scene and started dj-ing with "Deadend", playing DnB & Hardcore. Only this wasn't enough...

At the age of 16 he started producing his first tracks, very eager to learn and with beats that were getting better & better.

At the pace of a pumping, menacing hardcore tune, his beats evolved into a sound that combines hard & evil ambiences with powerfull breaks & kicks. In his first year he already started playing his first gigs in Ghent & Antwerp . Then he got hooked up by the Wanted Freaks crew which brought Khaoz Engine to a bigger crowd, with more shows, and after his first Wanted Freaks shows he got booked by the likes of Wood (Sickboy & Friends), Abused Recordingz, Yllogyk, Furthur (Tensionfest), sharing the stage with friends & artists like, Enduser, Counterstrike , The Teknoist , Ebola, Passenger of Shit , Sickboy, Dev/Null ,Electric Kettle, Maladroit , Dj Rainbow Ejaculation ,The Hardcoholics, Switch Technique, Suburbass,Ladyscraper and many more. His energetic live shows get the crowd banging everywhere some people describe his live sound as surviving a heavy machinery war...


Youngster and occasional nutter from Belgium. Started out as a drum and bass dj in 2003 and evolved into producing hardcore around 2004. A year later he started playing his livesets on partys all around belgium. In 2007 he released his first 12'' record. In 2008 he joined forces with the dj collective called Noisy bastards('99)

At the debut of 2009 he started his own label BADBACKrecords wich is under the cyclone-records devision.

His style can be descrived as heavyIndustrial Hardcore,with Frenchcore, UK Hardcore, Terror and Acid influences.
Over the years he released some things on labels such as Out of control records(RIP), B2k, Cheeze graterz, Elektrokut, Badback records, Strike Records, Rebelscum, Violent, Corrupt redux, Motormouth etc

Tripped has played for several big events in Europe such as Dominator (NL), Montagood (ES), United Hardcore Forces (IT), North Events (UK) and more.

Currently he is working on various collabs and/or remixes with artists such as Akira, The destroyer, Sarin Assault, NoIsekick, Matt green and Subversa, some of them he allready worked with in the past.

Besides his livesets he still has the love for vinyl, as he continues to play all sorts of hardcore,acid and tekno.


Born in 1985 in Paris neighborhoods, starting first by playing guitar at the age of 14 , his style was metal/rock.

In 2001, he started of being interested about tekno/hardcore immediatly after listening a live of MICROPOINT and fell immediatly in love with the most violent/darkside of the electronic music. He then tried to make his own productions a bit later, in the end of 2008, and begins to play in a lot of party in Italy with nearly all the most important artists from the hardcore,frenchcore, and hardtekno scene (Radium, Rotterdam terror corps, Micropoint, Maissouille, D-tox, Frazzbass, The destroyer, Manu le malin, Empatysm, Akira, Dr macabre Osmik, mat WB and much more...).

In early 2011 he signed his first vynils on Lowfactory and Astrofonik records. His productions and his liveset are famous to be very loud and pumpy !

Dub Elements

Dub Elements
This dynamic Drum And Bass duo from Spain are considered by many the most versatile and promising DnB producers of their country and have received foreign support from big guys like Audio, Spor and Counterstrike. Since they started in 2007 they've developed their own style, recognizable by a great deal of influences in one single track, including hardcore and breakbeat.

They are signed with the tonesetting label PRSPCT Recordings and have played in Holland, Germany, Bulgaria, Portugal, Slovakia, Italy and Romania.

The Panacea

The Panacea
Mathis Mootz, the teutonic mastermind and producer behind The Panacea from Wuerzburg, Germany, has developed and perfected his sinister drum and Bass mashup style over the years. The Panacea is the digital Napalm Death, fueled by wreck-step beats, he samples and generally throws together elements of hardcore techno, drum'n'bass, jungle and industrial into his unique explosive sound.

As one of the dominant faces of the German Position Chrome Label he has released 23 ep's and 5 albums since 1996. His debut 'Low Profile Darkness' was one of his most influential works to date, and a huge success with over 12,000 copies sold. Others followed like the techno and hardcore influenced 'Twisted Designz','Phoenix Metabolism' with it's hip hop and booty bass roots, the enormous 'German Engineering' and 'Underground Superstardom', and the experimental and noisy 'Architettura'.

His experimental, electro, and neo-industrial beats were produced under the aliases of Squaremeter, Disorder, Warfare, Kate Mosh, Bad Street Boy, Radar and Rich Kid. These productions landed on labels like Mille Plateaux, Ant-Zen, Hands Productions, Ambush, Ad Noiseam, Kniteforce, Intransigent and Outbreak to name a few.

The rebirth of Position Chrome, and the launch of close friend Raidens' Offkey Recordings, marks the start for awesome collaborations and heavy tuneage in the future. The Panacea has recently joined the Anger Management DJ roster, and will be releasing this year on Dylan's mighty Freak Recordings.

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De absolute klassieker uit de rave periode is ongetwijfeld 'Dominator', een kernbom van een dancetrack die nog elk weekend opduikt in dj sets van 2many Djs, Crookers en Dave Clarke. Human Resource halen exclusief voor deze nacht hun classics van onder het stof.

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20110304 Abused Musick: Venetian Snares, ... 09/03