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za 06/02 Drop The Lime, Hot City, ...

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Drop The Lime, Hot City, ...
Boemklatsch brengt uit Nederland spikkeltjes mee voor iedereen: een kleurrijk en energiek collectief van drie dj's, een host en twee vj's. Dirty electro, dikke bootybeats, baile funk en nog veel meer. Plus: eigen producties met verrassende gasten. Zo doet Jeugd van Tegenwoordig-coryfee P. Faberyayo mee op het onnavolgbare Spikkeltjes (nu op Stubru).
Drop The Lime (TigerBeat6, Mad Decent, Institubes) runt in New York de Trouble & Bass club en het gelijknamige label. Al enkele jaren timmert hij aan de weg met eigen producties en remixen voor oa Moby en Buraka Som Sistema. Drop The Lime verwerkt de muzikale invloeden van New York (van rockabilly over rap tot house) tot een Zeer Dansbaar Geheel.
Hot City is nog zo'n naam om in de gaten te houden: vroege rave, 2step, diepe bassen, synths én house: de dancesound van de UK die versmelt met die van de USA.
Partyharders Squad was de snedige brandversneller tijdens de pas afgelopen TransArdentes, ze stonden op 10 days off en hebben een residency in de Social Club in Parijs. Ongezonde electro- en fidgetbeats met vet haar op.
The Odd Word is een Antwerps dj duo dat het tot op Stubru schopte. Onder andere!
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Rapidly conquering the hearts of beatloving Ghent, Static & Greedy are bound to be one of the most promising young talents sprang to mind. Within 2 years this duo's achievements have been quite illuminating and at least irresistible. In 2008, Static & Greedy fixed the aim onto a powerful musical dream by winning the Pioneer Pro DJ Contest in the category electro/minimal. Although they were already well known for their concept Blue Monday at the famous undergroundclub Decadance and their regular appearances at BOA-parties in Antwerp, this victory gave them the right push in the back. Static & Greedy earned their ticket to play at one of the biggest upcoming New Year's Eve events GoForHappy 2008 in Antwerp. Today, they are part of a culture that combines the best of both worlds, not just playing because it's in the charts, or just because MTV plays it, but because it sounds good and it's good to dance to. And that's their buzz! Static & Greedy played all over, especially in Ghent and Antwerp, bringing people closer to each other whilst imposing their tastes on the audience. From electro to fidget to suspect pop, these guys blend it all up into a marvelous cocktail!

Partyharders Squad

Partyharders Squad
Party Harders

Sound Of Stereo

Sound Of Stereo
Sound of Stereo is a dj-duo from Belgium, playing music styles such as fidget (in their early years), electro and techno. Members are Jochen Sablon and Vincent De Boeck, both living near Belgium's capital Brussels. Their collaboration started trough an internet forum, where they were looking for a musical partnership. Living in the same area and sharing the same passion for electronic music, they officially started their common career in the beginning of 2008 by signing to the infamous Lektroluv Records.
Since the start of their carreer they played in about every European country, toured the United States, Australia and Asia and were on the line up of A-list events around the globe such as 10 Days Off (Belgium), I Love Techno (Belgium), Electric Daisies Carnival (LA), Amsterdam Dance Event (The Netherlands), Future Music Festival (Australia), Beatpatrol festival (Austria), Tomorrowland (Belgium) and many more.
After DJ'ing for over 3 years, they decided that it was time for something new, time for a next step. A next step that they found in the form of a liveshow combining their older, current and unreleased material into one energetic liveshow!


They are crawling out of your speakers ! Boy Kortekaas and Ylli Engels are The Oddword! These Boys from Antwerp (Belgium) bring you raw electronic bass. During their sets you will find yourself in a whirlpool of electro, fidget, techy & bloody beats with their active and hyped-up mood they make the crowds go WOOAHHHH they tear the roof, dj booth and the whole club down you'll always find one of them dancing on the dj booth or dancing in the crazy crowd!