Petrol opent verborgen schatkisten vol deep funk, rare grooves, northern soul, rockabilly, r'n'b*, tittyshakers** en gloednieuwe releases geïnspireerd door al het voorgaande.

De piraten die weten op welk eiland al die schatten verborgen liggen, heten Keb Darge (UK, BBE), Jazzman Gerald (UK, Jazzman Records) en Stax of Wax ft Mauz, Mr Tall & Mr Small.

"Discovering records is like discovering oil. The days when oil was found just bubbling up through the ground are long gone. Now you have to dig deeper, which is exactly what we do..." (Jazzman Gerald, 2011)

"I generally play 50% deep funk, 30% soul, 10% Northern, 5% bopping blues and 5% new releases, music that enriches the soul, things that take people past the chicken adverts and give them experience of music which the soul scene takes for granted. For me there's nothing better than playing a classic soul track and knowing that half the people in the room have never heard it before." (Keb Darge, 2004)

* denk aan Fats Domino, niet aan Beyonce
** sleazy instrumentals