Fagget Fairys consist of DJ Sensimilla & MC ENA, feeding you with electro-grime beats and sweet baile balkan rap... It's a journey through heavy basslines, electro-techno beats and the live performance of MC ENA. Copenhagen based lesbian ghetto-funk, pop-slamming MC/DJ duo Fagget Fairys met on the dancefloor a year ago whilest DJ Sensimilla was spinning them records and Ena was in the club-kid stade (did not last long), and stagedived - hopeing to get Sensimillas attention! Got that, and 20 stitches in my knee. A week after, Sensimilla was dj'ing again - and yes, Ena was there right - with a swolen knee and much more respect for the art of dancing. Not long after we started dating, moved in together and got engaged :) it's actually a much longer story, but we'll save that for later! Hope you enjoy the music - there's more to come !