za 29/08 Allez: Keizer, NoMoBs, Zone 54, Dysfunksh ...

  • Deuren 22u
  • VVK €14
  • KASSA €18

Tickets Petrol

Allez: Keizer, NoMoBs, Zone 54, Dysfunkshunal, ...
Keizer (Nl)
NoMoBs (2020)
Zone 54
Jones Cruipy (Bxl)


Hosted by Ice P

organisatie: Allez Events
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    vr 03/07 Lucid Festival 2015

    • Deuren 15u
    • VVK €10 (night)
    • KASSA €5 (day)

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    Lucid Festival 2015
    Sunshine House, Moonlight Techno:
    de vierde editie van Lucid Festival
    Open Air.

    's namiddags en 's avonds
    buiten op de parking
    €5 kassa, geen voorverkoop

    's nachts, binnen in Petrol
    €10 (incl fee) voorverkoop

    Cosmin TRG (Rom)
    A singular voice, an idiosyncratic approach of Techno and a firm command of the dancefloor have turned Cosmin TRG into one of dance music's ubiquitous figures. Throughout a career spanning almost a decade, Berlin-based Romanian producer and DJ Cosmin Nicolae has released music with Hessle Audio, Hemlock, Running Back, Rush Hour, 50Weapons, building a diverse and iconoclastic catalog in the process.
    Daniel Bell (USA)
    Daniel Bell is one of the few old-school legends of Detroit still at the forefront of electronic music today. Originally influenced by Chicago House and avant-garde composers such as Steve Reich, Bell's music laid the foundation for what is now known as the minimalist approach in house and techno music.
    Flo Ris Lucid resident
    Matts Brouns Lucid resident
    Tenor Lucid resident
    Lloup contest winner

    Marcelus (Fr)
    This Paris based producer uses the spirits of Detroit and Berlin techno, mixing them into dreamy modern house gems.
    DJ Deep (Fr) Deeply Rooted
    Seeing himself as somewhat of a musical filter and a self confessed vinyl junkie, DJ Deep can be found in record stores chasing jams almost every day. Following his renowned ear for a good sound he has gone through fazes of playing everything from Techno to New York Deep House but always tries to deliver something of a history of both House and Techno, playing what he sees as being personal classics rather than the hits of the day.
    Calvache B2B Delbaen
    Flatfish Warm

    Graffiti Jam / contest: info
    Funktion-One powered by
    Met de steun van de Stad Antwerpen

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    za 21/03 Balkan Madness Antwerp

    • Deuren 22u
    • VVK /
    • KASSA €10

    Balkan Madness Antwerp
    Gooi die beentjes maar los want Balkan Madness zorgt voor een top-dansfeest!

    ShazaLaKazoo (Ser, live!)
    Lenin Krevic aka Brigada Rakija (Sk)
    Lazarus Soundsystem
    Muzika Agresija!
    Mr. Nousat

    Nog een waanzinnige extra: belly dance performances are included!
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    vr 15/05 Opium: 1 year

    • Deuren 23u
    • VVK €10
    • KASSA €10 < 0u < €15

    Tickets Petrol

    Opium: 1 year
    Na 1 jaar lurken aan de pijp wordt het eerste verjaardagskaarsje met een grote rookwolk uitgeblazen!
    Minimal house & diepe technobeats all the way.

    Main room hosted by Opium
    Joran van Pol (Nl)
    MINUS, SCI TEC Digital Audio
    Gardens of God (Lt)
    Ellum, BOSO
    Rob Hes (Nl, live)
    Tronic Music, SCI TEC Digital Audio
    Vision Machine
    DJ Jerry May
    Pron Records
    Phillip Norr

    Boogloods hosted by Wonder
    DJ Jerry May
    Fake That (live)
    Major Maeyer
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    20150228 Edge: John Digweed 12/03

    20150221 Warm: Jus-Ed 12/03

    20150307 Lucid presents Patrice Scott 10/03

    za 14/03 Where House: Pulse Festival Afterparty

    • Deuren 23u
    • KASSA €5

    Where House: Pulse Festival Afterparty
    Where House host de afterparty van het Pulse Festival.
    Unrefined Techno Music in full force with 2 rooms and 11 artists.

    Room 1
    Hiele (live)
    JRD (Nl)
    Paul Chambers
    Lexotan (live)

    Room 2: Where House Residents
    Highway Noise
    Nick Bollaert

    Afterparty van het Pulse Festival: An entertaining and educational daytime festival about the rich history of electronic music. From cut/paste-techniques or signalgenerator-experiments to contemporary techno. We'll try to give the visitors more insight in this world via docuscreenings, lectures, a vintage synthmuseum with synth-demo's, an old fashioned record-fair & unique live-jamsessions.
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      vr 13/03 Retro Dome III

      • Deuren 23u
      • VVK /
      • KASSA €6

      Retro Dome III
      Retro Dome
      A Journey into Time

      Retro house, early hardcore, techno, rave

      Scott Bown (UK)
      Woeste Willie & Tormentor
      Bram N2O
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      do 30/04 Hertz: Pangaea & Pariah, Terence Fixmer ...

      • Deuren 23u
      • VVK €14
      • KASSA €18

      Tickets Petrol

      Hertz: Pangaea & Pariah, Terence Fixmer & Abstract Division
      Nog een laatste keer voor de zomerbreak... Hertz!

      Hop on want de denderende Hertz-trein neemt ons weer mee naar technoland. Donker, grauw en met een stomende line-up gaan we hard!

      Pangaea & Pariah (UK)
      Hessle Audio
      Terence Fixmer (Fr, live)
      Abstract Division (Nl)
      Dynamic Reflection
      Redhead & Double U Jay
      Hertz residents
      A. Brehme
      Hertz resident

      Artwork & light installation by Konstruktiv
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