Berlin-based electro punk band Warren Suicide see themselves as an audio-visual art experience and artist collective which does not follow any clear scheme or old structures. Cherie (Vocals & visuals) and Nackt (vocals & guitar) are the core of the band, performing their music live on stage with various musicians who are friends of theirs. Therefore, any additional member of the band is a variable, which even underlines the uniqueness of the band and every single concert turns into an unparalleled event. Their music is Electronic that rocks. It's romance which sinks its poison teeth deep into your flesh. Warren Suicide originated 2003 in a loft in Neukölln, Berlin. Two men, Nackt and Fremdkörper, were working on songs in the studio, they were looking for a sound, a character. Cherie was sitting in the kitchen, heard the notes and drew a strange figure onto the paper in front of her. A small face appeared in, the outlines slightly contorted, the body of the slender figure, asexual, thin arms and legs. It smiled carefully, the teeth looking like those of a fish, the eyes with the look of a new-born baby, but wide open. Warren Suicide was born. Next door, the first song was created, starting with the words: "Hello, hello, my name is Warren Suicide". Ever since then, the musicians, the music and Warren existed, unseperable also in reality. Warren is no invisible band member or some cartoon character as it's the case with Gorillaz - he is an essence, he activates the musicians - Warren Suicide lies somewhere between the imaginable and the apprehended.

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