With four hands on two decks and a lot of bravado, Timaxx & Drezz bring you a steamy blend of dub, roots, reggae, breax and jungle, ragga, afro-, balkan- and latin-beats and other pieces of funkiness. Uptempo irie indeed.

Their biographies (see below) can merely hint at it, but their knowledge of history of dance and world music -in particular of the bonds that tie those two together- is immense, as are their DJ skills and their love for a jolly good party.

The Dubbers often take things to the musical underground, and then they'll make sure that their set appeals to the sometimes rather peculiar tastes of its inhabitants. But fear not, ye megafestival organiser. The Turntable Dubbers can turn into demagogic jocks as well because at heart, they are true populists who just love to please the crowd.

In any case, they will always give you one hell of a party, carefully adding yet another beat or spaced-out echo to their musical mélange. This blend of styles is cooked to a climactic frenzy which will bring the audience to the very edge of rapture. Needless to say, they will also bring it shortly -sweaty, steamy et all- to your beer taps.

The Freestylers, Daddy G (Massive Attack), Max Sedgley, Discobar Galaxie, Arsenal and Krafty Kuts -not the sort of people you'll ever find far away from either a beer tap or a turntable- looked upon the Dubbers and saw they were, well, damn funky.

In order to add even more flavour to their sets, they collaborate with several mc's and live musicians such as sax player Funky Frenic (Humb!), MC Six (Skeemz/Galaxie Gangbang Soundsystem) and MC Junior Fragga (Uphill Sound) and P-Bone (Percussion) to spice up their act on stage. You might come to the conclusion that all this might very well result in some tracks- and subsequent releases- of their own. Well, you wouldn't be too wrong ...

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