This young lady dj began her raving flight early 2010. In February she took off, packed with a deep and sincere passion for electronic music, and an extreme love for clubbing and dancing.

Once airborne, she started to learn more and more about mind-fucking beats and soul-touching synths. Completely high and sickeningly softheaded, she ended up being unable to function without some insane, god killing music screeching into her ears.

Behind the decks, this girl wants you to go just as ballistic. She wants you to end up just as screwed and doped. She wants you to unfasten your seatbealts and follow her journey into pure, raving madness, soul gazing drops and blinding beats. With her mix of electro - techno she'll satisfy every single soul on the dirty floor. Her brain sick flight will make you crave to party for another six disturbed days.

Once your feet touch ground again, your vision will be blurred, your brain will be crunched and your ears will sweat blood. So score your drugs, put on your dirty clothes and get down on the most banged up music in town.

Rave is the lifestyle you need. So you better start living.

Already, this girl's luggage has been sent to I Love Techno - Yellow Room (with Boys Noize, Paul Kalkbrenner, The Proxy, Crookers, Fake Blood...), Tomorrowland (with Martin Solveig, Tiësto, Afrojack, David Guetta, Steve Aoki...), Laundry Day, Crammerock, Feest in het Park, Studio Brussel's Switch, Decadance, Jim TV... Mixtapes, reworks and mashed up tracks (such als 'Into your Face', comprising 54 tracks in 10 minutes, 'Screw You', which let's go 85 tracks in just 9 minutes and 'Up Yours' which let's go 100 tracks in 9 minutes) have been posted on several (inter)national blogs.

Once, this girl was called Charlotte de Witte. By now, the world is ready for Raving George!

Events met Raving George