Having burst back onto the scene in 2009 with his Planetary Assault Systems 'Temporary Suspension' album on Berlin's leading Ostgut Ton label, Luke Slater has been instrumental in reinvigorating the scene which he helped to create by bringing back techno's traditional, purist values. The human embodiment of the cyclical nature of music, Slater's many incarnations have, at various points in the past two decades, come to define techno.

The impact of that album can be measured against the demand for Slater's gripping P.A.S. 'Temporary Suspension' Live performances that Luke and his VJ toured for 2 years at festivals and clubs including Melt!, Dour, Mysteryland, I Love Techno, BLOC, Awakenings, Klubbers Day, Aquasella, Atomic Jam, DEAF, Free Your Mind, Nature One and Time Warp.

Now in 2011, the veteran producer has emerged from his Spacestation Ø UK studio to announce his next P.A.S album on Ostgut Ton; 'The Messenger'. Through hypnotising tracks like 'Human Like Us', 'Bell Blocker' or 'Motif' that churn and undulate in addictive tension, to heavy club workouts like the thundering 'Rip The Cut', 'Kray Squid' or the riotous 'Cold Bolster', to more subdued and spaced-out moments, Slater has created a real electronic album that is as listenable as it is challenging, memorable and progressive.

Over 12 tracks of exploratory techno and electronica, Slater chases that fundamental wave - seeking new sounds while staying true to the original P.A.S. ideology and channels an on-going search for new ground into cutting-edge modern music, from non-conformist techno to exquisite electronica.

Of course parallel to Luke's studio focus he also manages a busy worldwide DJ and Live tour schedule. 2011 will see Luke Slater appearances across Europe's best clubs and festivals, with the pre-launch` party at ADE, Amsterdam and the album launch party at Berghain, Berlin on Oct 29th before the new P.A.S. Live tour as 'The Messenger' begins to spread its vivacious roots across the globe.

Meanwhile, Luke's Mote-Evolver imprint has impressed with a run of very well received releases spanning the range of the genre. With dancefloor bombs from P.A.S, Shifted, Marcel Fengler and Lucy deep space techno from L.B.Dub Corp, Samuli Kemppi and Cari Lekebusch peak time dancefloor reworks from Norman Nodge, P.A.S, Mike Parker, James Ruskin and Function; Mote Evolver continues to deliver fresh momentum to the scene by steadfastly sticking to the twin values of consistent quality and varied content. The label is now readying new material from Luke under his mysterious L.B. Dub Corp guise, alongside long-running producer ASC in the first of the new 'Parallel Series' releases.

Luke Slater is a very prolific recording artist from the UK working under several pseudonyms making a wide variety of electronic music. His story begins at the Mi Price record store, Croydon, where he worked alongside Colin Dale (no introductions necessary) and Alan Sage (recording partner-to-be) and moved on to Jelly Jam Records of Brighton where his recording career really began.

Luke's vinyl debut was unleashed in 1989 under the Translucent moniker entitled "Momentary Vision". Released only as a white label it stood out for the fact that it was Detroit influenced and at the time the dancefloors rocked to the sound of the breakbea(s)t and so was a brave move that did not go unnoticed by the underground record clientele.

After a stream of further 12"s Morganistic was next, a beautifully chilled track, "In The Shadow", released on the obscure UK indie label Irdial. It was the label's most successful release and marked Luke's arrival as a leading light on the then blossoming UK scene alongside Black Dog, A.R.T, AFX Twin and B12. However, it was not until his link-up with Peacefrog in 1993 when Luke began his X-Tront series and his Planetary Assault Systems outputs through which he became widely known and praised for, resulting in Luke being heralded as the UK torchbearer for the Detroit techno sound. Further compounding the fact that Luke had really gained promotion to the Techno premier league.

His regular appearances at legendary clubs such as Fabric in London, Nitsa in Barcelona and Berghain in Berlin retain his superstar status today as a live performer and DJ, delivering five hour sets to sell out crowds.

In 2006, Slater set up Mote-Evolver back in 2006, a label run by himself releasing limited 12" copies for the collector and digital downloads through the Mote-Evolver website.

After a hectic 20 years, Slater slowed down in 2007/2008 in order to rest and focus on next phase in his career. Slater's eagerly anticipated new Planetary Assault Systems album is due for release in 2009.

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