Khaoz Engine knew at a very young age, must 've been somewhere around his 12th, that his passion was with rough, electronic music.

He started partying at a young age too, and swiftly Khaoz Engine found his true love; breakcore, dnb & hardcore.

3 years later he knew he wanted to be a bigger part of this scene and started dj-ing with "Deadend", playing DnB & Hardcore. Only this wasn't enough...

At the age of 16 he started producing his first tracks, very eager to learn and with beats that were getting better & better.

At the pace of a pumping, menacing hardcore tune, his beats evolved into a sound that combines hard & evil ambiences with powerfull breaks & kicks. In his first year he already started playing his first gigs in Ghent & Antwerp . Then he got hooked up by the Wanted Freaks crew which brought Khaoz Engine to a bigger crowd, with more shows, and after his first Wanted Freaks shows he got booked by the likes of Wood (Sickboy & Friends), Abused Recordingz, Yllogyk, Furthur (Tensionfest), sharing the stage with friends & artists like, Enduser, Counterstrike , The Teknoist , Ebola, Passenger of Shit , Sickboy, Dev/Null ,Electric Kettle, Maladroit , Dj Rainbow Ejaculation ,The Hardcoholics, Switch Technique, Suburbass,Ladyscraper and many more. His energetic live shows get the crowd banging everywhere some people describe his live sound as surviving a heavy machinery war...

Events met Khaoz Engine