I started buying records at the age of five (1983 - Thriller that is). My father was into electro wave back then so I grew up listening to Gary Numan, Kraftwerk, Front 242, Dave Ball... To be honest, these robotic sounds really scared the shit out of me. As soon I discovered Public Enemy in 1988 my passion for hip hop became big. With the help of dj Murdock and dj 4t4, who were the older kids in my school, I learned a lot about hip-hop. When I first witnessed the videoclip "On" from Aphex Twin in 1993 I threw myself into electronic music (names like Autechre, Reload, Plastikman, the Black Dog, Biosphere). I bought my first Technics in 2002 and four months later I had my first gig at Modfest at the Muziekodroom (with Ladytron and Red Snapper). Then I met the World Invaders & I started organising the Dominion parties at The Zoo (Hasselt). In the past I have played at Festivibe, Modfest (3 times), Body to Body, Breakdown (Ed & Kim's concept), 3 years La Fete, the Kaaiman (Antwerp), The Zoo, Casino (Genk), Recyclart, Bazaar, Le Gazon (Brussels) with acts and dj's like The Hacker, Tom Barman, Jimi Tenor, Vive La Fete, Dj Tiga, Neon Judgement, Ed & Kim, Felix the Housecat etc... My style of mixing is very eclectic and full of energy. I like to play old skool electrofunk, wave, Hacienda classics, old skool hip hop, Italo, 80's smashers, electrohouse, rock, new beat, synth pop, miami bass... No dj-rules at all. Besides playing party records, I make mixes with "hard to mix records". These contain speed metal, 70's, trip hop, underground mash-ups, electro rarities, funk, rock'n roll,..

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