Arid is a Belgian rock band, formed in the mid-90s, made up of four members: Jasper Steverlinck (vocals and guitar), David Du Pré (guitar), Filip Ros (bass) and Steven Van Havere (drums). The group first came to the attention of record label Double T when they were finalist at Humo's Rock Rally, a prestigious Belgian rock contest, in 1996. Their first album was 1998's Little Things Of Venom (retitled as At The Close Of Every Day for release in the United States). In 1999, after this album's success, they toured with Suede as well as opening for fellow popular Belgian band K's Choice. The following year they opened for Counting Crows on that band's European tour. 2001 brought extra fame for lead singer Steverlinck, who starred in the IMAX 3-D film Haunted Castle alongside Harry Shearer. The film also featured music by the band during the opening and closing credits. In 2002 the band released a second studio album, All Is Quiet Now, which was soon followed by a live album (Live in 2003). February 2007 basist Filip Ros was replaced by Miko Banovic. In April that year the song Words was released, which immediately was hotshot on Studio Brussel & Pure FM. November 2007 the single Why do you run was released. It was the second single of their new album, which was finished december that year. January 2008 the long awaited new album of Arid, All Things Come In Waves was released. In 2009, Jasper was chosen to be the lead singer of a new Anthony Arjen Luccassen (Ayreon) project, Guilt Machine.

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