vr 25/04 Drop the Needle V

  • Deuren 22u
  • KASSA €7

Drop the Needle V
A whole night of old school hip hop, breakbeat, funk - and of course - classics for the ladies!
The concept of DROP THE NEEDLE is to provide good beats to good crowds - an alternative to today's popular rap and r&b scene. For headliner we'll bring you DJ Grazzhoppa, former DMC European Champion and third in the world championship competition 'International Turntablist Federation' back in 1998.
We're also very delighted to announce King Jong Ill. For the first time in DROP THE NEEDLE history you will dance and go crazy on 100% pure live hip hop.
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    wo 30/04 Hertz

    • Deuren 23u
    • VVK €14
    • KASSA €18

    Tickets Petrol

    Zei daar iemand Techno? 30 april gaan we er weer stevig tegenaan. Donker en grauw, beuken tegen de sterren op!

    Function (DE)
    Ostgut Ton, Infrastructure
    Shifted (UK)
    Mote Evolver, Our Circula Sound
    Answer Code Request (DE)
    Ostgut Ton I De
    Redhead & Double U Jay
    A. Brehme

    Hertz 30.04.14 - Trailer from Konstruktiv on Vimeo.

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      vr 02/05 SCHTAMPF: Drillogy Chapter II

      • Deuren 22u
      • VVK €8
      • KASSA

      SCHTAMPF: Drillogy Chapter II
      Our training for the ultimate battle goes on!

      We will be back in may with an incredible hardtek/tribecore edition! For this second chapter we've again selected one of the well-known national artist in this music style, who we call our drillsergeant.

      This time our drillsergeant will do a comeback at our party. It will be the first party where he'll drop the pumpin' basslines again through the speakers with his brand new liveset!

      After Chapter I, where we've defeated the evil, it's now time to celebrate that the evil is gone! Offcourse this would not be a normal celebration. We will celebrate this one with Teklicit Marsatek, who is going to celbrate their 10 years anniversary!

      Come and celebrate with us, you'll not regret.

      Ketnies (live)
      DcTek Soundsystem, Destroyed Records, Foorcore
      Billx (FR, live)
      Floxytek (FR, live)
      Riko (FR, live)
      Imprevu (FR, live)
      Pywik The Plasmid (FR, live)
      Fuckin' Patterns from Hell, Hybridfuture, Astroprojekt, Insidious Basstards
      Porcud vs Prophex (NL, live)
      Chewbakka Soundsystem
      Myosis Myomeow vs Mr. Flag (live)
      Phonyrik records, B.A.S.S soundsystem, Sirona Records, Psykotixx
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        vr 09/05 Intervention

        • Deuren 22u
        • VVK €13
        • KASSA

        Tickets Petrol


        We are pleased to present the official Antwerp launch party for Outlook Festival Croatia

        Dub Phizix & Strategy (UK)
        (Exit Recordings)
        Jubei (UK)
        June Miller (NL)
        (Ram Records)
        Dose (NZ)
        (Commercial Suicide)
        'Mind The Future' album release
        Amoss (UK)
        (Dispatch Recordings)


        Hosted by:
        Innate MC (UK)
        (Proximity, Intervention)
        MC Mush (Starwarz)
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          vr 16/05 Unleash vs Inside

          • Deuren 23u
          • KASSA €8

          Unleash is back for another round!
          After our latest edition we decided to bring you a special treat.

          We invited our friends of INSIDE to stick our heads together and bring you yet another night filled with the best techno tracks.

          Line up:
          Hans Bouffmyhre (sco)
          Double U Jay
          Dave Brody
          Mrlk vs Hades.Pluton vs Sid Setta
          Jaimy Smink
          Richard T
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            vr 23/05 Acid Addiction

            • Deuren 23u
            • KASSA €8 < 0u < €10

            Acid Addiction
            We present you a fresh acid concept from Antwerp.
            Explore the dark depths of ACID and become ADDICTED!

            Franky Jones
            Stefan Zmk (Nl)
            Stoornis (live)
            Epidemie (live)
            Izu-A aka Sid Setta
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            za 31/05 Where House

            • Deuren
            • KASSA

            Where House

            more info comming soon..
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